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Empire Property Group

We help private investors build wealth in property with leadership in portfolio building, property sourcing and sales. If you want to build wealth in property but lack the time, we offer a managed solution that makes investing easy.

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Whether you are new to property or have existing investments, we can bring value to your property journey. Leave your name and number to get started.

Our Services

Type of Services we Offer

Portfolio Building

We build your property portfolio for you. This service is tailored to suit your level of involvement and can be completely hands-off. All we need is financial arrangements in place so we can submit offers that you approve.

Property Sourcing

We source investment opportunities through our exclusive network and present these to you. You can sit back and wait while we find opportunities for you. This will save you significant time by pre-qualifying the best opportunities.

Project Management

Get into property development without the hassle. We offer a complete project management solution from the purchase of property to building work and sales. This hands-off approach is ideal for busy professionals.

Joint Venture

If you want to get into property but lack the funds or knowledge, we would be happy to partner with you if the fit is right. Shared investment is available for an agreed return, and we are always looking for high-quality partners.

Our Properties

Why Choose Us

Choose us if you want to make property investment work for you. We will help you invest the right way, with sound advice and unique exposure to the property market.

Investing Made Simple

We did away with jargon years ago. With us, you will always get clear communication and sound advice. We’ve helped hundreds of new investors build wealth in property without any knowledge of the industry and we can do the same for you.

Exclusive Properties

We give you access to an exclusive and extensive property network that includes off-market, pre-market and new-to-market properties. We offer an incredible range of investment opportunities you won’t find anywhere else.

Expert Advice

We are here to share our experience and provide personalised advice. If you want a property partner who will steer you in the right direction and unlock significant value, look no further. Like you, we’re in this for the long run.

Due Diligence

We don’t just follow the money. We do our homework. All investment opportunities are screened, and risk assessed. We will only match you with opportunities that are a fit for your budget and long-term goals – and that’s a promise.

How It Works

We will have a meeting to discuss your budget, financial goals and investment ideas. Our primary aim is to ensure you understand the road ahead and how we will help build a successful property portfolio that delivers significant returns.

We have several investment strategies available, including fixed returns, high-yielding assets and mixed investments. You can play an active, passive or hands-off role. We’re here to share our experience and help you be successful.

Many of our clients leave investment ideas and offers to us, giving us the authority to make investments based on our significant expertise. If you choose a hands-off portfolio, you will have more time to focus on other ventures.

About Us

Empire Investments Ayrshire Ltd is run by directors with over a decade’s experience in property investment. We help our clients build and run wealth-building portfolios and we have worked with many of our clients for several years.

We give you access to a professional team that specializes in all aspects of property investment. We assist with all aspects of finance and legal with a management team dedicated to providing industry-leading advice.

We welcome the opportunity to pitch our ideas and work with you. Get in touch with us today for a chat about getting started in property.


Craig Campbell

Company Address:

Empire Investments Ayrshire LTD,
Pavilion 2, finnieston business park,
Glasgow, G38AU

Contact Number: 01292 518580